Grounds Maintenance

private & commercial

Axford Landscapes sees significant demand from commercial entities and public sector bodies such as local authorities who seek to outsource their landscaping services requirements in order to reduce their costs and improve efficiency. We work with businesses and local authorities across the South West to maintain and improve the outdoor spaces of Government buildings, schools and hospitals, municipal parks and gardens, sporting grounds and cemeteries.

Grounds Maintenance

Whether you’re a business, private landlord, retailer, church, school or other public sector organisation, your outdoor space needs to be safe and welcoming. We provide a comprehensive and reliable range of services, that include but are not limited to:

  • Hedge cutting & maintenance
  • Grass cutting & mowing
  • Site clearance & restoration
  • Removal of trees, shrubs or hedges
  • Leaf blowing & clearing

External Cleaning

Even the less glamorous jobs still need to be done. Contact us if you need:

  • Jet washing
  • Gutter, canopy & gully cleans
  • Moss removal
  • Litter picking
  • Fly tipping removal

Winter Maintenance

Make your outdoor spaces safe and attractive while you stay warm inside. Our team will support you with general tidying and any seasonal jobs. As well as helping you to prepare and stay safe when the weather takes a turn for the worse:

  • Snow clearance
  • Gritting & salt placement service
  • Fallen tree removal
  • Winter gardening
  • Winter grounds maintenance of hard landscape areas – roads, paths, car parks

Grass Cutting & Mowing

Commerical grass cutting and professional lawn care teams provide a structured service for your lawns, meadows and grassed areas:

  • Lawn mowing for hotels & hospitality sector
  • Mowing for care homes & schools
  • Grass cutting for business parks, public sector and utility companies
  • Scarifying & aeration
  • Weed control programmes
  • Wildflower meadow creation and maintenance

Hedge Cutting & Maintenance

Keeping hedges regularly trimmed, dense and compact:

  • Planting & new hedge establishment
  • Plant feed and fertiliser
  • Trimming & shaping
  • Formative winter & spring pruning
  • Topiary
  • Reductions in height
  • High & difficult to access hedges requiring special high access equipment

Weed Control

Management plans and one-off treatments provided. We spray your preferred herbicide around areas such as:

  • Weed spraying
  • Pre-emergent weed prevention & control
  • Road & pathway edges
  • Fence, hedge lines & tree bases
  • Building lines at business parks, car parks & factories

Vegetation Site Clearance

Recovery of overgrown sites, pathways and boundaries to improve a site or restore access to buildings for health & safety complaince:

  • Cutting back & removal of vegetation
  • Clearance of growth from roads, paths and infrastucture
  • Litter removal
  • Restoration of derelict & “lost” areas
  • Removal of weeds, overgrown shrubs, hedges & trees

Leaf Clearance & Collection

Keep your site looking smart and orderly, avoid unwanted build-up of dead leaves, clogged drains, slippery pathways and damaged lawns:

  • One-off visits or routine autumn contracts
  • Removal service of waste litter arising around
  • Commercial buildings
  • Lawns and large grassed areas
  • Fence lines
  • Road & pathways
Shrub Beds

Shrub Beds

Shrub beds are part of the designed landscape architecture in retail, business, and industrial parks.  They add colour and texture to your business premises environment for the benefit of those who work there.  Once planted they are often forgotten:

  • Installation of new beds and plants
  • Maintenance programmes that keep borders and beds healthy and bright year-round
  • Weeding, edging, pruning and plant replacement

Commercial Fencing

Axford Landscapes is a certified Approved Installer of Jacksons Fencing products.  We supply and install a range of fence types:

  • Metal fencing
  • Playground & play area fencing
  • Agricultural post & rail fencing
  • Estate fencing
  • Acoustic fencing
  • Footpath fencing, styles & kissing gates
  • Security, vertical bar
  • Security, welded mesh
  • Temporary “heras” fencing
  • Field Gates
Commercial Landscaping

Commercial Landscaping

The land around your commercial building is an asset, a first impression to visitors and a place to take a break for your staff. Axford Landscapes builds from design to construction, and maintains commercial landscapes on a budgeted and programmed service schedule:

  • Soft landscaping – the supply and upkeep of plants – flowers, turf, hedges and trees,
  • Hard landscaping services – such as fencing, walling, paving
Private Estate Management

Private Estate Management

Axford Landscapes estate management team ensure your residence is consistently kept to the standard you desire. Maintenance of the green spaces and infrastructure of estates requires a range of services deployed with the kind of focus and approach a private owner expects:

  • Lawns
  • Beds & borders
  • Fencing, including estate fencing
  • Hedges, topiary
  • Meadow & woodland care
  • Driveways, pathway and courtyards
  • Landscaping – paving and major garden transformations

Tree & Hedge Planting

Axford Landscapes supplies hedging plants and trees, prepares your ground for planting and plants and provides ongoing maintenance and protection to develop a fine hedge or healthy tree specimen:

  • Work carried out typically between November and ends in March
  • From bare root, root ball, pot grown to instant hedging for immediate impact
  • Ground preparation and conditioning
  • Planting
  • Support & protection – rabbit fencing
  • Tree stakes & ties
  • Post-planting weed control
  • Hedge trimming and shaping

Stump Grinding & Wood Chipping

Tree stumps can too easily be left after a tree has fallen or been felled, forever after getting in the way or producing new unsightly suckers or promoting fungal rot or just spoiling the look of your green spaces.  They prevent easy lawn mowing, are a trip hazard and prevent replanting and look unsightly.  With the correct equipment, stump removal can be performed to restore an area for a new use.  Best practice is to remove stumps:

  • Stump grinding with specialist equipment
  • Removal of waste arising
  • Making good of the stump site with appropriate material such as top soil
  • Replanting to fill the space
  • Chipping service of waste timber
Commercial Landscape Management

Commercial Landscape Management

Well maintained exterior landscaping and gardens convey a positive image, one that sells.  Axford Landscapes hard and soft landscaping maintenance service offers commercial landscape contracting to property developers and home builders. Supported by our horticulturalists and experienced maintenance teams, our uniformed staff are informed and dependable.  They maintain grounds, common areas, play areas, show home gardens and improve plant health to nurture your housing development’s outside setting to budget on an agreed maintenance plan and seasonal cycle of routine visits:

  • Lawns and large grassed areas cared for
  • Shrub borders designed planted and kept
  • Tree planting and care
  • Hedges planted and maintainted
  • Planters
  • Seating areas
  • Public amenity areas & Play areas

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