Hard & soft landscaping

Soft Landscaping

Soft landscaping is the flexible part of your garden that includes plants, soil, lawn, trees and shrubs. We know that it’s hard to make all the decisions needed to create the garden you want, so we’re here to help with:

  • Garden design
  • Choosing and planting the right flowers, plants, trees and shrubs
  • Turfing or seeding lawns or laying artificial grass
  • Hedging & soil improvement

Hard Landscaping

Hard landscaping is the essential foundation on which every garden is built, so that you get the most from your outside space and your plants look their best. We give gardens shape and structure using:

  • Paving & patios
  • Raised beds & edging
  • Stone & brickwork
  • Decking & water features


Well-chosen paving, patio slabs, stones or flags can transform your garden. A well-chosen range of materials, finishes and colours of patio materials, properly designed and constructed with attention to every detail – both seen and unseen – will rejuvenate your garden in the way it looks, feels, and translates into a useable space that enhances your home. We help you chose the right paving and patio slabs for your garden to create a special outdoor space.

Custom-Built Seating Areas

A well-designed, custom-built seating area gives you unique space to relax, socialise and even cook and eat with your friends and family.

  • Built-in BBQs & Fire Pits
  • Raised beds & edging
  • Stone & brickwork
  • Decking & water features

Resin Bound Paving

Resin Bound pathway and driveway paving systems mix natural aggregate, marble or recycled materials and clear resin thoroughly together. Our skilled installation team uses our specialised forced-action mixer, each particle of stone is fully covered in resin and laid onto a base, which we take to a smooth permeable finish.


We supply and install pergolas which provide structure to your outdoor space, gives your home an additional living area and provides a degree of privacy for those whose gardens are overlooked.

  • Single Pergolas
  • Double Pergolas
  • Corner Pergolas


A well-designed, well-constructed driveway enhances the look of your property and provides optimal functionality.

Colour, character, and warmth, a sharp prestigious look, or a timeless character, is achieved through appropriately chosen block paving, setts or lightly tumbled cobblestones to provide the look you want for best aesthetics and functionality.  Or a cost-effective alternative to natural stone, while achieving the aesthetic of riven stone, with the inherent strength and practicality of concrete.

Kerbs & Edging

Add value to your home and make a lasting impression when you use garden edging to complete your driveway or path edging. Edging is an easily undervalued feature in domestic landscaping. It improves appearances and aids direction of surface water runoff into drainage systems. We offer a large range of finishes and colour varieties to compliment your driveway and pathways.


Ensure the small details are met in your garden project, transitions in levels through well-designed garden steps ensure you derive optimal pleasure moving around your garden.  Properly planned and constructed steps provide practical use and afford great aesthetics to round off your garden landscaping project. Available in a range of natural stone, with a coordinated use of materials, finish and integrated construction show off your garden to best effect.

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