Resin bound permeable paving

Resin Bound Systems for Permeable Paving

Resin Bound pathway and driveway paving systems mix natural aggregate, marble or recycled materials and clear resin thoroughly together. Our skilled installation team uses our specialised forced-action mixer, each particle of stone is fully covered in resin and laid onto a base, which we take to a smooth permeable finish.

A resin bound system produces a durable, smooth, hard and permeable finish. Yes, water literally soaks through the hard finish.  Unlike gravel, the finish is smooth, there is no loose stone as with a gravel finish.

Choice of colours – a wide range of stone colours are available from natural stone “butter” colours through to black to look like asphalt.

Smooth, hard finish giving a clean lines and a natural looking finish that allows rain water to permeate – flow down through it into the ground below. 


Puddling and standing water reduced

Resin bound paving is cold mixed on site using a process that ensures every particle of stone is covered in resin to form a structurally stable 3-dimensional structure matrix. During the installation laying process, minute voids are created in the paving structure that emulate natural drainage making it permeable.

Our resin bound paving permits water to soak through the paved surface to the ground below to be harvested or discharged into drains or soakaways.


SuDS compliant

Our permeable paving is compliant with SuDS (sustainable urban drainage systems).  SuDS is an approach to water management design in construction introduced by the Environment Agency in 2011 to help manage and mitigate flood risk.  Axford Landscape’s installers are SuDS trained.


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